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  • Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP)
  • SRDP - Forestry Grant Scheme

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An Integrated Land Management Plan will identify opportunities and cost savings for your business and could lead on to more specialist advice plans.

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SMRs must be adhered to and form part of our cross compliance rules.
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Forming part of our cross compliance rules, GAEC measures are designed to safeguard soils, habitats and landscape features on agricultural land.
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“Scotland's water is amongst the best in Europe, with over 60 per cent of water bodies already of good or better status” - Scottish Government, 2010.
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The Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA) Code provides practical guidance for farmers and those involved in agricultural activities, including farm advisers, on minimising the risks of environmental pollution.  The first chapter on slurry and manures is now available.

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A suite of information to help farmers and land managers protect farm soils and reduce erosion risk.
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The FAS advice line is free and covers a wide variety of topics including cross compliance, water framework directive requirements, climate change and other technical issues.

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