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The Scottish Government have announced that amendments made to the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 will come into force from 1 January 2022.

These amendments collate existing regulations and update rules around how we manage and store silage and slurry with the aim of protecting the environment and helping to make better use of nutrients produced on farm.

We have summarised some of the main changes on our Know the Rules page.  You can read the full statement from the Scottish Government and access the amendments here.  We will also highlight some of the changes via our social media pages – find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @FarmWaterScot

Know The Rules

Managing Water on Farm

Soil and Nutrients

Diffuse Pollution

Livestock and Arable

Funding and Resources

Since summer 2016, Farming and Water Scotland have been attending agricultural shows and events across Scotland, hearing from farmers and land managers about what they have done to reduce diffuse pollution risks and benefit the farm business, and sharing these ideas and solutions with others.  We hope to be back at key events once Covid-19 restrictions allow.  With knowledgeable SAC Consultants and specialists, plus informed and experienced SEPA Catchment Coordinators on hand, attending events give a great opportunity to hear about the range of practical solutions put in place by farmers and land managers across Scotland, and for us to share these tips and ideas about how others can (and have) found real benefit for the farm business through actions to reduce diffuse pollution risks, keeping on the right side of the regulations and protect and enhance farm water quality.

For more information on events and to see what other farmers have done -

Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter - @FarmWaterScot

Farming and Water Scotland is a partnership program funded by Scottish Government and delivered by SAC Consulting with support from SEPA to help farmers and land managers reduce diffuse pollution risks and benefit the farm business.