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Farms producing slurry must have adequate facilities and management in place to collect, store and manage slurry and other products, which have the potential to pollute the environment if mis-managed.  For dairy units, dairy washings and parlour drainage must also be collected and contained within the farm slurry storage system.

Farms must have capacity to store the total quantity of slurry likely to be produced in 22 weeks by housed cattle, or 26 weeks for housed pigs. This capacity must also be sufficient to capture and store any rainwater entering the system, this includes from the farm steading where there is a reasonable expectation of contamination with slurry, from dirty yards, silage pits and from parlour washings.

All storage structures, whether these be below ground storage, slurry tower or lagoon, must;

  • Be maintained to ensure they are kept free from any structural defects.
  • Be fit for purpose and meet a minimum level of structural integrity such that;
    • The base and walls of any channel, reception pit, the walls of any pipe and the base of any tank are impermeable.
    • The walls of any tank are impermeable unless the base of the tank extends beyond its walls and has channels to collect and transfer any escaped slurry to a slurry storage system.
  • Where slurry flows into a channel before discharging into a reception pit and is controlled by a sluice or valve, the reception pit has adequate capacity to contain the maximum slurry that can be released by opening the sluice or valve.
  • The capacity of any facility used to temporarily store slurry before transferring to the slurry tank must have the equivalent of at least 1.5% of the minimum farm storage capacity.
  • Where the slurry storage tank is fitted with a drainage pipe, there are two valves fitted in series that are to be kept locked shut when not in use.
  • Earth bank lined lagoons maintain a minimum freeboard of 750 mm and all other slurry tanks maintain a minimum freeboard of 300 mm.

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