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Transitional periods under the new Controlled Activity Regulations – What you need to do and by when

New amendments to the rules around how we manage and store silage and slurry will be introduced on 1st January 2022. This guide highlights the transitional periods under the new Controlled Activity Regulations (CAR) and details what you have to do and when by.

Winter slurry storage & contingency planning – Information Note

Making best use of nutrients in slurry should be every landowners goal. Forward planning is essential to manage slurry in a safe and responsible manner and to avoid unnecessary pollution incidents, whilst also getting the best out of the nutrient value.

4PP: Managing Water Margins

4PP: Better Nutrient Use, the Value of Slurry & Manure

4PP: Better Nutrient Use, Working it Out

4PP: Appendices

4PP: Better Nutrient Use

4PP: Managing Dirty Water Around the Steading