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Reducing diffuse pollution risks could benefit the farm business by:

  • Improving farm profitability – identifying and removing compaction could improve crop yield or increase the window for stock turnout
  • Improving livestock profitability – keeping livestock out of watercourses and providing clean water for drinking, could improve livestock health by reducing disease transfer risk from other animals drinking upstream
  • Making better use of resources – testing soils and working to a nutrient budget could improve nutrient use on the farm and lower the farm carbon footprint, saving you money
  • Keeping you on the right side of the regulations
  • Knowing what activities pose a diffuse pollution risk and how they are covered in the rules could help you to prioritise diffuse pollution reduction on your farm. Some topics, for example, nutrient management could lead to financial benefits for the business.

Where to start?

The team behind the Valuing your Soils brochure have also produced a handy guide with suggestions to protect soils and reduce diffuse pollution risks.  You can download it hereThe front cover of the CREW produced 'Soil erosion and diffuse pollution mitigation' document.